The traditional style of wine, as it once was.

If for many the BIO is a fashion, for us it is a creed.

A young company that loves tradition.

The “Paride D’Angelo” Agricultural Company is based in Pianella, a territory nestled between Majella, Gran Sasso and the Adriatic Sea. Unique and enchanting place, exposed completely to the south, always well sunny from dawn to dusk. Inside the company we find a hill, located between Loreto Aprutino and Pianella, known as Napoletta, and its inhabitants were nicknamed Zanniti (just by the name Sanniti). Attacked by the Romans, the Zannites managed to defend themselves between the heights of Napoletta and legend has it that the losers were sent back to Rome, completely naked. This angered the Republic, which organized itself with a better-equipped army and returned to Napoletta. The clash between the two factions took place on a hill adjacent to the territory of Pianella, which later took the name “Colle of the Dead Men”, by the fact that the Romans managed to win the battle by exterminating a multitude of zanniti. 

If for many BIO is a fashion, for us it is a belief. What does it mean? Within the company we use only copper and sulfur to fight peronospora and diewater, in limited quantities selecting low-dose branches with percentages from 5% to 7% in non-rainfall times and with little humidity and copper at 23% in periods of rain and high humidity. But above all we monitor the company with weather turrets in order to be more careful in the treatments. 

To have a good effectiveness of the products used and to ensure the bunch an excellent aerialment and exposure to the sun, we work mainly manually, going 4 times during the summer in the vineyard for green pruning interventions. We adopt the non-processing of the soil, using exclusively the shredding so as not to break the capillaries in the soil, and we use a natural organic fertilization both with legume sauces rich in potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, and natural manure stables in northern Italy rich in nitrogen.