Rediscovering the wines of the past, starting with “a great grape”.

Working well in the countryside reaching the highest quality of the fruit so as not to treat the wines in the cellar. Selection of yeasts directly from the skins and from my shoots. In the cellar, the wines are refined only in steel and in cement for Montepulciano. High acidity so that the wines mature and age over time. This is my philosophy, this is my passion.

My Passion started as a child, when my father was the Abruzzo speaker of the Duemilavini Guide. In May, all the samples of wines from the Abruzzi wineries arrive at home, he had to taste them and fill in the technical sheets for each wine.

At the age of 6 I could not wait to get back from school to sit next to him, I enjoyed tasting and giving the first judgments. At 17 I started the sommelier course and there the passion became a profession. At the same time I attended the university, graduating in Economics and Business, a path that convinced me even more that I had to return to the land, to the vineyard and make my life my greatest passion.